Watch accessories

Measurement requirements

Nowadays, more and more people are wearing watches, and the types of watches are becoming more and more complex. There are many kinds of watches. Different brands of watches have different components. However, the components of watches belonging to the same category are similar. Generally include: watch mirror, dial, scale, bottom cover, case, strap, pointer, ring mouth, crown and buckle. Among them, the quality of the watch accessories is an important basis to determine the quality of this watch, so the clock manufacturers have more and more strict requirements on the accessories and the accuracy of the size.

Testing requirements

R angle, width, diameter, profile, true roundness, height, blind hole, concentricity, flatness, etc.

Measurement difficulties

The common light source can not observe the blind hole, and the traditional equipment can not measure the profile, true roundness, concentricity and flatness, so the measurement accuracy is high, the measurement size is large, and the production quantity is large.


Wangmin image measuring instrument can be equipped with coaxial light and British Renishaw probe to measure blind holes. Automatic image measuring instrument can measure in batches with high measurement accuracy and greatly improve work efficiency.