auto parts

Measurement requirements
Auto parts are the components of the whole car and the products serving the car. They are the parts and accessories of the car. Classification: engine accessories, transmission accessoriesBrake systemparts,Steering systemAccessories, walking accessories, electrical instrument accessories, automotive lampsCar refitting、Security guard、Automotive interiorAutomotive exterior, comprehensive accessories, audio-visual appliances, chemical care, body and accessories, maintenance equipment, electric tools, etc.With the improvement of people's living standards, people are spending more and more on cars, and the market of auto parts is becoming larger and larger. In recent years, auto parts manufacturers are also developing rapidly. With the increasing demand for cars,Auto parts manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for auto parts, and size is one of them.
Testing requirements
Geometric dimension, profile, coaxiality, R angle, spacing, height, 3D coordinate value, etc.
Measurement difficulties
The traditional equipment can't measure and calculate the three-dimensional space elements and position relationship, which requires high precision. The product is greatly affected by temperature, and the measurement size is many and complex.
Wangmin coordinate can measure three-dimensional space elements and position relationship, and can be combined with image measurement products, with high measurement accuracy, meeting the different requirements of auto parts manufacturers for auto parts, and improving work efficiency.