Measurement requirements
Connector is widely used in aviation, aerospace, national defense, automobile industry, computer communication industry and other industries as a device to transmit current or signal to connect two active devices. The technological innovation of connector industry mainly focuses on the miniaturization technology and precision connection of connector. In the face of the development of micro connector, high-precision mold and automatic production and assembly, enterprises have higher requirements for size, position, profile and so on.
Testing requirements
Blind hole, array measurement, outline dimension, etc.
Measurement difficulties
Blind hole can not be observed with ordinary light source, the same size, programming trouble, solid color products with image is difficult to grasp.
Wangmin image measuring instrument is equipped with coaxial light, which can measure blind hole clearly. It has rectangular and annular array measurement mode. The program is simple and convenient for measurement. It can be equipped with Renishaw probe from England. The probe and image are perfectly combined to complete the measurement task which is inconvenient or unable to be detected by conventional non-contact method.