Mobile Accessories

Measurement requirements
With the popularity of touch-screen mobile phones, manufacturers are constantly seeking various effective means and methods of technology upgrading to win in the fierce market competition with the latest technology and the best quality. Mobile phone accessories include mobile phone panel, middle plate, cover plate, battery, mobile phone shell and other accessories. The size of each accessory affects the quality of the mobile phone, so it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the size of relevant accessories.

Testing requirements

Flatness, R angle, geometric dimension, touch conductive particles, etc.

Measurement difficulties
Traditional image measuring instrument is slow in measuring flatness, difficult to grasp R angle and poor in measuring accuracy, so it is unable to obtain clear images of conductive particles.

Wangmin automatic image measuring instrument can measure the flatness quickly. The wm-3d software independently developed by Wangmin optics can capture the R angle accurately with high measurement accuracy. It can be equipped with a metallographic microscope to magnify the conductive particles with high magnification, and the image is not distorted.