Automatic image measuring instrument-cnc-4030ah

Small automatic measuring instrument is a cost-effective measuring equipment independently developed by our company, which can realize efficient and accurate measurement of large quantities of workpieces, and is suitable for the detection and quality control of precision parts. In machinery, electronics, hardware, plastic and other industries have been widely used.

Marble base, column, good stability, strong structural rigidity

Marble worktable, two-layer worktable structure, reduce mechanical error, ensure x, y horizontal movement accuracy

Marble x, y perpendicularity is high, to ensure the measurement accuracy of (3 + L / 200) um, even if the workpiece is not placed, it can also achieve high measurement accuracy

Ccd1 measurement camera, high resolution color 1 / 3 "CCD 800tvl

Ccd2 navigation camera, easy to quickly find the measurement position, improve the measurement efficiency

Full automatic zoom lens, change lens magnification, automatic transfer, avoid scale selection misoperation, improve efficiency at the same time

Metal grating ruler 0.0002mm high-precision self-adhesive, high precision, good reliability, effectively avoid the return error, avoid the problem of zero position

Precision linear guide rail is adopted to completely solve the problem of V-type guide rail cage dislocation. It has stronger bearing capacity, longer service life and more guaranteed accuracy

High precision grinding ball screw imported from Taiwan is adopted, with precision and stability at the leading level in the industry

High precision p-class guide rail imported from Taiwan, accuracy and stability in the industry leading level

Closed loop high-performance servo motor (three-axis), high positioning accuracy, long service life

Equipped with self-developed full closed-loop motion controller, it can realize the function of linear difference compensation, fast and accurate positioning, high speed and low noise

Light source: LED 5 ring 8 area surface ring light + bottom parallel backlight, programmable control, can provide N kinds of lighting combination

Using self-developed data controller, good data processing stability, convenient maintenance. 15. Provide super long warranty period, lifelong maintenance, once selected, no worries

Specifications and parameters
Specification parametersWM-CNC-4030A
workbenchX / Y axis stroke400MM*300MM
Z-axis strokeThe effective space is 245mm, the focusing stroke is 200mm, and the working distance is 95mm
Metal table size550MM*450MM
Glass table size430MM*330MM
drive systemX / Y / Z axis imported precision linear guide and imported grinding ball screw
Measurement servo drive systemResolution of optical ruler: X / Y / Z axis 0.0005mm (0.5um)
Measurement accuracy: ≤ 3um + L / 200 repetition accuracy: ≤ 3um + L / 200
X / Y / Z three axis Taiwan high performance servo motor, double closed loop control system
Imaging systemCamera: Japan Sony 1 / 3 "CCD camera, magnification 30-230x

Auto zoom lens: NAV HD zoom lens / / continuous magnification 0.7-4.5x

When 0.5x objective is available, the total magnification is 15-115x

When 2x objective is optional, the total magnification is 60-460x

Light source systemSurface light source and transmission light source LED cold light source, long life, adjustable brightness
Instrument dimensions (L * w * h)800MM*900MM*1650MM
Instrument weight (kg)500KG

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