Tool microscope-wm-vmt-5040

Tool microscope is based on metallographic microscope and wm-3d measurement software, which is more powerful. The new semi cancellation technology is adopted, which integrates a variety of observation methods, such as bright field, oblique lighting, polarized light and so on. Under any observation, it presents a clear and sharp microscopic image. According to the practical application, it can select the function, which is an effective tool for industrial detection.

1. Observation mode: bright field / oblique lighting / polarized light / DIC

2. Optical system: infinite chromatic aberration correction optical system

3. Eyepiece: high field eyepiece pl10x / 22mm

Flat field eyepiece pl10x / 22mm, adjustable visibility and micrometer

High field eyepiece pl15x / 16mm

4. Objective lens: lmpl infinite working distance metallographic microscope

5. Observation tube: 30 ° hinged three eyes, split ratio, binocular: three eyes = 100:0 or 50:50

6. Converter: five hole tilt in converter with DIC slot

Specifications and parameters
Specification parametersWM-VMT-5040
workbenchX / Y axis stroke500MM*400MM
Z-axis strokeThe effective space is 245mm, the focusing stroke is 200mm, and the working distance is 95mm
Metal table size600MM*500MM
Glass table size530MM*430MM
drive systemX / Y / Z three axis precision V-shaped guide rail, X / Y axis light rod drive, Z axis light axis drive
Measurement servo drive systemResolution of optical ruler: X / Y / Z axis 0.0005mm (0.5um)
Measurement accuracy: ≤ 3um + L / 200 repetition accuracy: ≤ 3um + L / 200
Multifunctional data processor can measure point, line, arc, circle, angle, etc
Imaging systemCamera: Japanese color 1 / 2 "CCD camera, magnification 30-230x
Objective magnification: 5x 10x 20x 50x
Eyepiece group10 times binocular total magnification 50x-500x
lightingSurface light source and transmission light source LED cold light source, long life, adjustable brightness
Instrument dimensions (L * w * h)1050MM*750MM*1200MM
Instrument weight (kg)280KG

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