Manual imager-wm-vms-3020f

Manual measuring instrument

Manual measuring instrument is mainly based on two-dimensional coordinate measurement, including point, line, circle, arc, rectangle and other geometric elements, as well as the length, angle, contour, surface shape of parts. It can also be used for 3D auxiliary measurement, such as the height of the step, the depth of the hole, the flatness of the surface, etc. Widely used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics, hardware and other industries.


1. High precision and high strength machine: class 00 marble base / column / worktable, with high precision and good stability.

2. XYZ three-axis imported precision V-type guide rail / imported optical axis transmission system, long service life and good stability.

3. High precision grating ruler 0.5um.

4. WM continuous zoom optical lens, different freeze frame and different magnification, without zoom correction.

5. High definition Japanese Sony CCD camera, high quality measurement picture.

6. Auxiliary focusing measurement, optical height measurement, flatness measurement, can be equipped with British Renishaw contact probe.

7. Surface light source, led contour light source, coaxial light source. It can be equipped with program-controlled three ring eight Zone light source.

8. The laser indicator indicates the measuring position, fast positioning and convenient measurement.

9. It can be equipped with foot switch to facilitate operation at any position.

Specifications and parameters
Specification parametersWM-VMS-3020F
workbenchX / Y axis stroke300MM*200MM
Z-axis strokeThe effective space is 245mm, the focusing stroke is 200mm, and the working distance is 95mm
Metal table size450MM*350MM
Glass table size330MM*230MM
drive systemX / y optical rod drive, z-axis optical axis drive
Measurement servo drive systemResolution of optical ruler: X / Y / Z axis 0.0005mm (0.5um)
Measurement accuracy: ≤ 3um + L / 200 repetition accuracy: ≤ 3um + L / 200
Multifunctional data processor can measure point, line, circle, angle, etc
Imaging systemCamera: Japan Sony 1 / 3 "CCD camera, magnification 30-230x

Continuous zoom lens: NAV HD zoom lens / / continuous magnification 0.7-4.5x

When 0.5x objective is available, the total magnification is 15-115x

When 2x objective is optional, the total magnification is 60-460x

Light source systemSurface light source and transmission light source LED cold light source, long life, adjustable brightness
Instrument dimensions (L * w * h)600MM*750MM*1100MM
Instrument weight (kg)260KG

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