Requirements of image measuring instrument for working environment

Requirements of image measuring instrument for working environment 

We all know that the daily protection and maintenance of the image measuring instrument is very important, but when the instrument does not work or works, there are strict requirements for the surrounding environment. This kind of environment will have a slow shadow box for the instrument. If you don't pay attention, the life of the instrument will be reduced slowly. So users should pay attention to these problems, because the precision of the instrument will also be affected by the environment. General instruments should be placed in a clean environment, in addition to the following requirements: 

1. Dust free environment

Image measuring instrument is a very precise instrument, so it can not be contaminated with dust. Once the guide rail and lens of the instrument are stained with dust, the accuracy and imaging will be seriously affected. Therefore, the instrument should be cleaned regularly to achieve a dust-free environment as far as possible. People should pay attention to entering and leaving, and change shoes or wear shoe covers. And reduce people in and out.

2. Reduce oil pollution

Image measuring instrument is a very precise instrument, so its guide rail, lens, grating ruler and plane glass should not be contaminated with oil, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the instrument. Usually, do not touch the instrument directly with unclean hands. It is better to wear cotton gloves.

3. Light effect

The measuring instrument can not be directly used in the sunlight, nor can it be placed in the place with strong sunlight, otherwise the accuracy of the instrument will be affected, and the instrument will be damaged if the direct temperature is too high for a long time.

4. temperature control

The ambient temperature of the measuring instrument is between 18 ℃ and 24 ℃, which should not exceed this range, otherwise the accuracy will be damaged.

5. humidity control

Humidity also has an impact on the accuracy of the instrument, and high ambient humidity will lead to instrument rust. Therefore, the general environmental humidity should be controlled between 45% - 75%.

6. Pay attention to shock absorption

If the instrument is in the vibration environment for a long time, its parts will be damaged, resulting in the decline of accuracy. Shock absorbers are necessary. When the frequency is less than 10Hz, the amplitude should be less than 2um. The acceleration should be less than 0.4 Gal. when the frequency is from 10 Hz to 50 Hz. If the vibration environment can not be controlled, vibration damper should be installed to reduce the vibration.

No matter how good brand, how good quality, need to pay attention to the use and maintenance. The influence of environmental control on the measuring instrument is subtle. I hope users can pay attention to the above points and protect the instrument to reduce damage. Zhaofeng precision instrument company has a strong after-sales team, and the instruments sold are also given extra long warranty period. Although these can alleviate the "worries" of the enterprise, if the enterprise can pay attention to daily maintenance and environmental control, it is a kind of cost saving. If the instrument breaks down, it needs to be repaired, which will cost a lot of money, so it is very necessary to protect the instrument.