Fault and treatment of automatic image measuring instrument

Faults and treatment methods of automatic image measuring instrument: 
during the use of automatic image measuring instrument, it is inevitable to encounter various problems. The common faults of automatic image measuring instrument are divided into lifting transmission fault, workbench fault, projection screen fault, projection imaging fault, image imaging fault, electrical fault, electronic fault and accuracy fault. The following describes several common faults and treatment methods.

1. Projection screen failure. When there is a sound in the rotation, the impurities (such as rust stains) on the end face can be cleaned, and the positioning bearing can be replaced. When rotating, the friction force is large, the locking screw can be loosened, or the friction can be changed. When the rotation is uneven, the dial seat, friction wheel and friction wheel axle can be replaced. When the projection screen does not count, it can tighten the angle friction machine, weld the signal line, connect the plug and so on.

2.There is no image in the image area, which is blue

It may be that the video input cable is not inserted properly. Insert the video input cable correctly into a video input port of the video card behind the computer host.

Or the video input signal is not set correctly

3. (1) point menu, video ->Video standard settings…

(2)Place the mouse in the image window area, right-click and select "video standard settings..." in the pop-up menu

In the video standard setting dialog box, you can change the image input mode. There are three kinds of video input: S-Video, video tuner and videocomposite. Select the appropriate one.

4.Electronic fault. For example, if the key of the electric box fails, the new mask can be completely cleaned and replaced. If the axle is not counted, the slide seat or OP board or the entire ruler can be replaced, the signal line should be re connected, and the main board should be replaced. If the nixie tube is missing stroke, it needs to be replaced or repaired.

5.Abnormal data area count of automatic image measuring instrument

It may be that the signal line of RS232 or grating ruler is not connected well, so it is not counted. Unplug RS232 signal line and grating ruler signal line and plug them in again. Or the system setting is not correct, resulting in not counting, according to the manual method to correctly set the linear compensation value of each axis;

Generally, there are several reasons for abnormal counting, which are poor signal line contact or incorrect system setting

(1)Unplug the grating ruler signal line and plug it in again;

(2)Enter the system settings menu—>system—>System settings: open the display parameter setting dialog box, and set the resolution of each axis correctly according to the instructions;

(3)Enter the system settings menu—>system—>System settings, open the display parameter setting dialog box, according to the resolution of each axis to select a correct decimal point.